Knysna Accommodation Self Catering Suites


A self catering holiday is one where no food is included in the price of the holiday, usually all food will have to be provided for by yourself. Although this at first seems to be a disadvantage there are a number of advantages to a self catering holiday over a standard catered holiday.

Many self catering holidays are cheaper than their catered counterparts as accommodation providers don't have to pay for food, waiters or chefs. This is obviously a huge expense for hotels to provide meaning the resulting costs of the holiday will have to be higher. Buying food while on your holiday, though a little inconvenient, will usually be much cheaper than buying food at the hotel.

A self catering holiday also allows you a greater freedom of choice on your holiday. By buying the food yourself means you get to choose exactly what food you eat. This is especially useful if you have children as often kids don't want to eat the same meals as adults. Another advantage is you can taste a lot of the local fresh produce that Knysna has to offer. If you don't always fancy cooking you can always sample the local cuisine by popping into nearby restaurants or cafes.

There is a whole range of different suites at Knysna Quays that also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from one to four bedroom suites; this is great if you are a large group planning on taking a holiday together as often it is difficult to find catered accommodation for large parties.

Another advantage of a self catering holiday is that the apartments come with more equipment and facilities than many hotel rooms do. They come with a fully equipped kitchen, including fridge, which even if you plan to eat out everyday, is still quite useful to have.

Knysna is an explorer's destitnation, with lots to see and do. This means that Knysna accommodation needs to be flexible enough to facilitate an explorer's needs. Self catering allows the freedom needed to go out and explore, without the worry of being back in time for the standard mealtimes that hotels have.

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