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Canoeing has turned out to be one of the biggest outdoor enthusiast surprises of the past few years. More and more people are catching on to this truly exciting and exhilarating sport. Thanks to the improvement in technology and the development of new and improved equipment for the sport, canoeing has experienced a surge in popularity as of late.

You might be one of those canoe enthusiasts that are graduating from tandem canoeing to solo canoeing. Beginners into this sport usually go along with many other paddlers. If going solo is your cup of tea, then you will need equipment to match your needs. Here's a guide on finding equipment for solo canoe enthusiasts.

Unfortunately for enthusiasts of the sport, no two canoes are alike. There are hundreds of different models of canoes each tailor-made to fit a specific need and a specific purpose. The trick to finding the right one is to know what you need first foremost of all.

1. Know your needs - one of the most important steps before purchasing a solo canoe is to know what you'll be using the canoe for. For example, if you are interested in using your canoe for trips along quiet waters, then a flat bottomed canoe would be best for you. Flat bottomed canoes are a lot more stable than their round shaped brothers.

This flat shape allows these canoes more stability and better balance. It is the best kind of canoe for those interested in simply being lazy in the waters. This canoe is not built for speed, or manoeuvrability. It is, however, built to make sure that you can sit back on your canoe and enjoy your trip, no matter how slow it may be.

For those interested in faster canoes for speed racing, rounded hulls are a better choice. Rounded hulls make for faster canoes that cut through the water better. This may not be as stable as flat bottomed canoes, but they are a lot faster, and are the choice for those planning to make long trips short.

If you are interested in white-water canoeing, or if you plan to tackle rougher waters, you should go for canoes that give added manoeuvrability and added stability in the rough conditions. Your canoe should be designed to allow for movement and safety. However, these canoes typically tend to be cramped and low riding. You should also consider whether you would be better off with a kayak than a canoe.

2. Are you okay with a solo canoe? Solo canoes, as mentioned earlier, are typically cramped and lack space for its occupants. This makes it difficult to use them for portage. Without the extra space most larger canoes have, it becomes harder to load equipment and other stuff.

However, if you plan to transport packages or things across the waters, solo canoes still do very well. Larger canoes have larger baggage space, and this makes loading them with equipment a joy instead of a hindrance.

Solo canoes also tend to be cramped for those riding. If you have slight claustrophobia, this might not be the right choice for you. If canoeing on your lonesome is truly your kind of time, then solo canoes are the best choice for you.

3. Solo equipment: You should always take alone with you the right equipment whenever you go solo canoeing. Remember that you do not have a partner to keep track of you or to assist you if anything goes wrong. This makes solo canoeing a dangerous affair if you are inexperienced or if you are attacking rough waters. Always bring a flotation device, and some communication equipment. This will make it easy for you to call back for help if ever you run into trouble out on the waters.

You should always be aware of the inherent dangers solo canoeing brings. If you are able to dissipate these problems, and prepare ahead of time for them, then solo canoeing will be a cinch for you.

For canoe enthusiasts that just like canoeing on their own, solo canoeing can be very fulfilling. After sating yourself with a tandem canoeing, you may want to prepare for solo canoeing as it can be a very rewarding, and enriching experience.

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Canoeing has turned out to be one of the biggest outdoor enthusiast surprises of the past few years.

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