How to Pack For Your Honeymoon or Holiday


There is nothing more fun than going on holiday and especially honeymoon; and nothing worse than packing... I am the pits at this, I am always in a hurry and normally just throw in my whole cupboard, well all the bits I like of course, and let’s not forget the shoes, at least ten pairs and I am only going for three days, but with me there is always the just in case pair of pants, the what if I feel like pair of shoes, the second jacket, the jersey the scarf for in case of inclement weather, the sarong, the costume, the towel, my own pillow and well I can go on.

I found this list as detailed below and it is a fabulous and organised way to ensure that you are prepared ahead of time.

  • Prepare a list - this ensures that you have everything you need without your luggage being too heavy and in the unfortunate event of your luggage going missing you will have a full account of your losses.
  • Divide your luggage into his, hers and ours - three suitcases and one carry bag for mutual valuables.
  • The list provided is comprehensive and depending on where you are travelling to you may not require all the items, this is just a guideline.

Here is the list:

  • Media: Cellphone; digital camera; batteries & manual; iPod/MP3 player & batteries; mini-speakers; disposable underwater camera; journal/note-book and pen; maps and directions; reading material; travel guide(s).
  • Medical: antibiotic cream; anti-diarrhoea medication; plasters; bug repellent; cortisone/anti-itch cream, for cruisers: seasickness bands or pills; pain reliever; prescription medicines.
  • Money & Documents: Addresses for sending postcards/e-mail; auto insurance card; business cards; cash; copy of marriage license; copy of medical history, if necessary; copy of vacation packing list; driver's license/international driver's license; emergency numbers and embassy address; frequent flyer/frequent guest cards; paper airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation; passports and visas, if necessary; photo ID, prepaid phone card; travellers checks and receipt (keep separate); vaccination certificates, if required; vouchers/coupons/tickets and your itinerary.
  • Miscellaneous: Anti-bacterial wipes; currency converter; keys & luggage locks; plastic zip-loc bags; playing cards; sports gear (tennis rackets, golf clubs, swim goggles); sunscreen/SPF; sunglasses, reading glasses, contact lenses; umbrella.
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Prepare to pack for your honeymoon and holiday.

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