Canoeing on the Knysna Lagoon - Tips


Canoeing is a tremendously wide-ranging sport with competitive as well as purely recreational component. To make your canoeing trip more enjoyable, here are canoeing guidelines worth remembering:

Before your canoeing trip, be sure to pack the following:

  • Suntan lotion
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunglasses
  • 2 pairs of old sneakers, one for getting wet, and one for keeping dry.
  • Eye glasses straps
  • "Water-tight" plastic bags
  • Extra clothing
  • Your canoe "repair kit"
  • Life preserver
  • Extra flotation device
  • Fishing gear
  • Jacket or sweater
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • "First aid kit"
  • Hat
  • Be well prepared for your canoe adventure

  • You have to be a skilled swimmer, having the capability to manage yourself well both in moving waters and underwater.
  • Dress readily for the "water temperature" as well as be ready to get really wet. You might consider wearing layers of clothes which you can easily add or take off during your canoeing adventure.
  • Use your sunglasses and strap them on securely. These will protect your eyes from the glaring rays of the sun as well as debris that might come in contact with your eyes.
  • Wear shoes to protect your feet.
  • Bring along bottled distilled. Never drink river water, no matter how clean it may seem.
  • Take along with you in your canoe necessary allergy medications because in cases of emergency, it may take a few hours before assistance arrives.
  • Note that paddling is takes a lot of effort physically and you need to consult with your doctor before you proceed to such activity.
  • Remember to take along snacks with you in your canoe and keep them in a waterproof container then fasten it to the canoe. Keep in mind, all things not fastened unto the canoe can possibly get wet or get lost.
  • Canoeing trip preparation:

  • It is essential to learn or establish the water conditions before going as high water may be very dangerous.
  • It is always important to remember to respect private property; never trespass; obtain permission first from the owner of the land.
  • An appropriately fitting PFD or "Personal Flotation Device" is very important to be worn around and on the water at all times. It is a must that each person aboard the canoe wears one.
  • In canoeing, it is very essential that you review the map of the river. Study it carefully in order that you determine where your canoe trip direct you, when and where to land, and find out emergency routes Also, make certain you are aware of avoiding and identifying any dangers marked within the map.
  • You need to check on your boat and make certain it is in great condition before you start the trip.
  • Remember not to overload the boat as this may lead to unanticipated canoe capsize.
  • In canoeing, always remember not to drink alcoholic drinks while riding your canoe as being drunk increases your boldness to challenge the water but decreases your reflexes.
  • While canoeing:

  • You should leave on your PFD always.
  • You must establish your boating capability and never enter any area of fast-moving current except if you feel absolutely certain that you safely can paddle through.
  • Make certain to maintain the proper distance and space between canoes.
  • Do not dive in the water headfirst.
  • While canoeing, keep in mind to go with your friends. Never boat alone.
  • Canoeing and capsizing

    Should you capsize your canoe, remember to relax, open your eyes then reach for your canoe. Remain "upside-down" as you remove your legs and feet from your canoe, and surface keeping your contact with your canoe.

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    Canoeing is a tremendously wide-ranging sport with competitive as well as purely recreational component.

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